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In the Netherlands, you pay property transfer tax (in Dutch) when you become the owner of: immovable property, such as business premises, a plot or a residential building; rights to immovable property, such as building and planting rights or a leasehold Dutch Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) is levied on the acquisition of an immovable property. Under the RETT, different tax rates apply to houses - these are subject to a reduced 2% rate - and other immovable property, which is subject to the general 6% rate. Transformation projects (projects in which offices, for example, are transformed into housing) are very common in the Netherlands. Immovable property or a right to immovable property sometimes is acquired by the buyer before the. Transfer tax changes in the Nethrlands from 2021. If you plan to buy a home less than €400.000, you won't pay 2% of the transfer tax. Mortgage information. Current Dutch mortgage interest rates 2021; Moving homes; Mortgage requirements; Types of mortgages; Calculators. Mortgage calculator; Closing fees; Renting vs Buying calculator; Transfer tax checher ; Selling property in the Netherlands. The transfer tax is a tax that must be paid when a property is transferred from one owner to another. It is a percentage of the purchase price. But, from January 1, 2021, buyers between the ages of 18 and 35 won't have to pay a one-off transfer tax when purchasing a home

Currently, the transfer tax ( overdrachtsbelasting) is 2% of the purchase price. So, if you buy a residential property in the Netherlands, you must pay 2% of the property price. For example, if your house is worth 350.000 euros, the transfer tax will be 7.000 euros In most cases, a deed is drawn up upon the transfer of the real estate by a civil law notary who invoices the tax payable and remits it to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (DTCA). The tax is computed at a rate of 6% of the fair market value of the property (or, if higher, the sales price) and is payable by the transferee Transfer tax is due upon the acquisition of the legal or economic ownership of Dutch real estate and is payable by the purchaser. The transfer tax due is calculated on the purchase price or the market value if higher. The applicable tax rate is 8% or 2% if the purchaser acquires a house to use this as a main residence On Budget Day, 15 September 2020, a number of tax measures were published in the Dutch 2021 Tax Plan that could have an impact on real estate investments in the Netherlands. The proposed bills include some important changes in respect of real estate transfer tax (RETT), corporate income tax (CIT), Box III, and the landlord levy. The various proposals will have effect as of 1 January 2021, with some beginning 1 January 2022, if approved by the Dutch Parliament

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  1. Transfer tax on immovable property Acquisition of economic or legal ownership of immovable property in the Netherlands is subject to a transfer tax over its market value. The general tax rate of the transfer tax increased from 6 to 8 per cent as of 1 January 2021. Furthermore, as of 2021 there is a new differentiation in the tax rate
  2. Increase in standard real estate transfer tax rate. As of January 1, 2021, the standard real estate transfer tax rate will be increased from 6% to 8%. Currently, the 6% rate applies to all non-residential real estate properties and rights related to such properties
  3. Direct transfer of Dutch real estate is also subject to 6-percent transfer tax, or 2-percent in the case of owner-occupied dwellings. Certain exemptions may apply. Certain exemptions may apply. The Netherlands does not levy any other stamp duty, capital duty or registration tax of any kind
  4. istration (DTA) deems transfer pricing adjustments necessary when a transaction is not considered to be at arm's length. Taxpayers are obliged to prepare transfer pricing documentation that describes how transfer prices have been established, substantiating the arm's length nature of the transfer prices. The documentation must be included in the ad
  5. us a loan (if applicable), for the purchase of the Dutch property
  6. The Dutch transfer pricing rules are laid down in article 8b of the Dutch Corporate Income Tax Act 1969 (CITA). According to article 8b CITA, the prices agreed among associated enterprises must be at arm's length, meaning that they must conduct business as if they were independent third parties
  7. Do I need to report a change of address? Did you emigrate from the Netherlands in 2020, or did you immigrate to the Netherlands? As of now, you can also file an online M tax return for 2020. Lees meer

The Netherlands is a socially conscious country, and higher earners can expect substantial taxation on their salary (up to 49.5%). However, your personal situation, type of work, residency status, and other assets and earnings (particularly from abroad) will affect your position considerably Do you invest in housing? From 1 January 2021, you will no longer be able to use the reduced tariff of 2% on your property transfer tax. You will have to pay 8%. This is the same amount as will be charged for other immovable goods investments. The property transfer tax for commercial buildings will be raised from 6 to 8% The Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) on 9 April 2021 issued a judgment concluding that real estate transfer tax applies on the acquisition of shares in a real estate legal entity (onroerendezaakrechtspersoon), even if this acquisition concerns only the acquisition of the legal ownership of the shares and is not accompanied by any economic interest in the shares or the underlying real estate In reaction to the CJEU's decision, ruling the 'per element approach' applicable to the Dutch fiscal unity regime, the Dutch legislator has amended the CITA and the Dividend Withholding Tax Act (DWTA), 'switching off' the effects of the fiscal unity in respect to several provisions that were under dispute for both domestic and cross-border situations and with retroactive effect to 1 January 2018. Please note, however, that the Dutch fiscal unity has maintained its normal.

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Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Pakistan; Palestine; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Singapore; South Africa; Sri Lanka; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Tanzania; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States; Uruguay Business portal Money portal; A transfer tax is a tax on the passing of title to property from one person (or entity) to another. In a narrow legal sense, a. Possible 2%-6% Dutch real estate transfer tax is levied if the assets consist of Dutch real estate The potential benefit of the target company's carry forward losses is retained by the seller (if still available after the sale of the assets) GLOBAL GUIDE TO M&A TAX: 2018 EDITION. 4 BUY-SIDE 4. WHAT STRATEGIES ARE IN PLACE, IF ANY, TO STEP UP THE VALUE OF THE TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE ASSETS IN. Dutch Real Estate Transfer Tax When buying a property in the Netherlands the purchaser has to pay 2% Dutch real estate transfer tax on the purchase price. Thus, when you buy a Dutch property for EUR 200,000 for example, you will have to pay EUR 12,000 Dutch real estate transfer tax Transfer tax is 8% for investment properties. We are sometimes asked by persons that would like to purchase a property in the Netherlands for their child. The transfer tax is then 8% and the parents have become Dutch nonresident tax payers for the house. That implies an annual income tax return to be filed and tax to be paid Assuming a marginal tax rate of 25%, the net benefit will be 15%. Other incentives include a special tonnage tax regime that applies to shipping companies, and a 0% tax liability or an exemption provided for qualifying investment funds. Perhaps the most significant incentive in the Netherlands for multinational firms is the willingnes

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The Netherlands levies a real estate transfer tax (RETT) on the transfer of Dutch real estate assets at a rate of 2% (for residential properties) and 6% (for other properties). From 1 January 2021, the RETT rates will change as indicated below. The general RETT rate will be increased from 6% to 8%. This rate will not only apply to the acquisition of non-residential properties, but from 1. Transfer pricing adjustments can relate to the taxable basis for the levy of Dutch corporate income tax, Dutch dividend withholding tax, or to the levy of transaction taxes, such as the Dutch real estate transfer tax. Transfer prices may also be adjusted for the levy of indirect taxes such as custom duties or VAT On 4 March 2021, the Dutch government published internet consultations on proposals to regulate reverse hybrid entities for Dutch tax purposes and to combat transfer pricing mismatches. Various stakeholders can send comments to the Dutch Ministry of Finance until 2 April 2021. It is our experience that normally no major changes are processed in. Do I have to transfer them to the Netherlands? You can leave your savings and investments in your home country, but you have to inform the Dutch tax authorities about them when filling in your tax form. A holiday house or second dwelling in your home country will have to be declared too, but normally a double taxation deduction can be requested. What is the 30% ruling and when do I qualify for.

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  1. They do not have to pay transfer tax if they buy a house with a purchase price of € 400.000,- or less. If the purchase price is higher than that amount, they pay 2% transfer tax on the entire purchase price. You can use this starter exemption only once. There is a so-called transitional arrangement that means that if you become the owner of a house before April 1, 2021, it does not matter.
  2. Netherlands: Acquisition of real estate legal entity subject to transfer tax Background. In the case, the taxpayer (a Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft incorporated under German law) acquired all the... Supreme Court. The Supreme Court held that in accordance with legislative history, the term.
  3. Real estate transfer tax. It is proposed to increase the real estate transfer tax rate from 6% to 8%. The lower tax rate of 2% that is currently applicable with respect to the acquisition of residential property will no longer apply unless the residential property that is acquired will be occupied by and will serve as the main residence of the acquirer. Residential property that is acquired by.
  4. Your tax liability will be assessed for the full tax year in which you leave the country. Therefore, the tax assessment of the income that you received whilst you were resident in the Netherlands (and any ongoing income from the Netherlands) will only be made at the end of the tax year by the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax office). Depending on the information that you have provided in the M form.

Dutch tax authorities should be able to determine whether the relevant inter-company transactions are carried out on arm's length terms • The Dutch transfer pricing legislation does not give a clear indication as to exactly what the minimum requirements are in terms of transfer pricing documentation. However, in the explanatory memorandum on the legislation, reference is made to the OECD. Transfer of own goods. Do you transfer your own goods from the Netherlands to another EU country, for example to your own company? Then this is considered to be an intra-Community supply in the Netherlands. At the same time this is also an intra-Community acquisition in the country to which the goods are transferred When importing goods into the Netherlands from outside the European Union (EU), you will usually have to pay import duties. You will also have to pay VAT and in some cases excise duty, consumption tax or other levies. Import duties. Import duties are levied on imported goods. The Dutch Customs authorities levy and collect the duty and transfer the sums collected to the EU. Member states are. The Dutch tax authorities also distinguish between selling. Services, Goods, Real estate, or similar trade; According to the category you have to pay attention to different aspects and laws. VAT for services in the Netherlands. In the case of service providers, i.e. companies that transport goods or persons, grant licensing rights or act as consultants, a VAT payment must be made if the.

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  1. The 2016 Dutch real estate transfer tax rate is 6% with a reduced 2% for transfer of residence. Taxable activities The transfer of real estate situated in the Netherlands is subject to Dutch real estate transfer tax. The tax due should be paid by the purchaser. The transfer of shares in a company of which the assets consist for 70% or more of Dutch real estate is also subject to real estate.
  2. The Dutch Tax Authorities (the Tax Authorities) state that the Guidance may be updated on the basis of answers to questions that may arise in the near future. The Guidance is broadly aligned to the requirements of the Directive. In a separate decree issued on 26 June 2020, the Netherlands officially announced the deferral of the DAC6 filing deadlines by six months. Under DAC6, taxpayers and.
  3. Transfer Tax - A transfer tax may be imposed by a state, county, or municipality. It is usually not deductible from federal or state income taxes, although it may be added to the cost basis when profit on the sale of securities and investment property is calculated (Kagan 2020). Countries with Current Financial Transaction Taxes. Angola - No Financial Transaction Tax Currently Found.

The 30% reimbursement ruling (also known as the 30% facility) is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants moving to the Netherlands for a specific employment role. When the necessary conditions are met, the employer can grant a tax-free allowance equivalent to 30% of the gross salary subject to Dutch payroll tax The transfer of shares in the Netherlands is relatively straightforward subject to restrictions included in the articles of association of the respective company. Registered shares are transferred at a Dutch civil notary and a record of transfers is kept at the shareholders register. There are two types of shares in the Netherlands, which can be divided further into subcategories. Not all. Netherlands: Update on 2021 tax plan The Lower House of Parliament on 12 November 2020 adopted the 2021 tax plan package and the bill for the Liquidation and Cessation Loss Schemes Limitation Act. Share. 1000. Related content. The 2021 tax plan package contains the following bills: 2021 tax plan; Other tax measures 2021; Improved Feasibility of Allowances Act; CO2 Tax on.

When you're buying a house in the Netherlands, you'll have to pay purchasing costs and financing costs.Purchasing costs or closing costs are costs you make to purchase the house, such as fees for a real estate agent, transfer tax and the costs of the notary transfer deed.These costs are known as 'kosten koper' or 'k.k.' You also have to pay financing costs to finance your new house. The jurisdictions that qualify as low tax are annually listed by the Dutch Government and the first iteration of the list was published on 31 December 2018. Multinationals with subsidiaries in the relevant low-tax jurisdictions that are (indirectly) held by a Dutch taxpayer should therefore review the impact of the Dutch CFC rules (if any). Detailed discussion. ATAD 1 requires EU Member States. The Dutch tax authorities can do this if they question the position taken in the corporate income tax return by the taxpayer. If the Dutch tax authorities shift and increase the burden of proof, this decision can only be appealed when appealing the corporate income tax assessment. The Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) and the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer) have both asked for guidance.

In the Netherlands, residents pay income tax on their worldwide income. Non-residents are taxed on income sourced in the Netherlands only. Income tax is collected by Tax and Customs Administration. For purposes of determining income tax, income is divided into the following three categories, so called boxes Tax Insights from Transfer Pricing www.pwc.com The Netherlands implements transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting requirements January 6, 2016 In brief On December 22, 2015, the Dutch Senate approved a new law which entered into force January 1, 2016 containing detailed transfer pricing documentation requirements in line with Action 13 of the OECD's 'Base Erosion. Starters won't pay income tax when buying a house. If you're aged between 18 and 35 and considering buying a home in the Netherlands for the first time, congratulations — you can save a pretty pack of cash. While everyone else is subject to a 2% transfer tax, you can throw that money in a bathtub and laugh gleefully. Or, you know, update. The Dutch government intends to introduce legislation that limits the availability for a refund of dividend withholding tax (and gambling) tax for Dutch corporate taxpayers, pursuant to the Sofina court case of the European Court of Justice (C-575/17). While such legislation is pending, the Dutch government aims to issue a Decree that will, under conditions, allow foreign taxpayers to obtain a.

Real estate transfer tax. In the Netherlands, real estate transfer tax at a rate of 6 per cent (2 per cent residential) is levied in relation to the acquisition of the legal title or beneficial. The Netherlands has various bilateral social security agreements with other countries that allow foreign citizens to transfer international pension funds to retire to the Netherlands. These agreements are designed to alleviate the tax implications of transferring pension funds, such as double taxation (where you are obliged to tax in your country of residence and nationality) Articles 29b - 29h of the Dutch Corporate Income Tax act. Decree DB2015/462M, 30-12-2015, Stcrt. 2015, 47457. Reference to relevant articles of law, legislative regulation or applicable administrative guidance that are in place for TP documentation in general. • Corporate Income Tax Act Article 8b, and 29b to 29h. • Transfer Pricing Decree, November 14, 2013, IFZ 2013/184M; • Decree on. 2021 Tax Plan Corporate tax Corporate tax governance Deals Tax Services Indirect Taxes Managing tax and energy transition Navigating European tax law Qualified Intermediary Tax, Reporting and Strategy Taxation of the digital economy Tax controversy & dispute resolution Tax Function of the Future Transfer Pricin

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  1. Doing Business in The Netherlands Baker McKenzie i Editorial Contributions. Andre Walter . Anna van Bracht . Anne-Carien Smale . Aukje Strik . Christiaan van der Mee
  2. g ever more important in the Netherlands, the tax authorities.
  3. The Dutch Corporate Income Tax Act (CITA) requires the Dutch entity to take into account an arm's length interest rate for Dutch CIT purposes. The example assumes that the other jurisdiction's local tax laws allow the group financing company to report an average interbank interest rate instead of an arm's length rate. The Guidance clarifies that this local provision qualifies as a unilateral.
  4. Tel: 0800 0749 (free call within the Netherlands) and +31 88 156 59 75 from outside the Netherlands; Selling a Vehicle. If when selling a vehicle the registration transfer does not happen then the seller is still responsible for vehicle and obligations and fines. Selling to an RDW accredited deale
  5. The Netherlands is an OECD member country and as such has agreed to comply with Article 9 of the OECD Model Tax Convention and its Commentary and the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for.
  6. Under the Dutch tax system, there are three categories or boxes of taxable incomes and each box has its own tax rate: Box 1: taxable income from work and home ownership, profits, social security benefits and pensions. Taxable income under Box 1 category includes (1) past and present employment, (2) business activities, (3) other activities (cannot be considered employment or business), (4.

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  1. ate the agreement by giving.
  2. All Dutch tax residents must pay Dutch taxes on their income worldwide. The tax treaty contains exemptions for certain worldwide income types, however. Dutch Taxes. The Netherlands does tax other kinds of income besides salaries. Any compensation in non-cash form is taxable (such as company cars and housing allowances). Assets that are transferred upon death are taxable when the deceased is a.
  3. Taxes and Costs Taxes are generally high in the Netherlands. Rental Income: The income tax on renting residential property is quite high, though the tax is not really an income tax. In reality it is a flat tax, with 30% levied on the assumed rental yield. As of 2017, the applicable deemed rental yield depends on the value of the assets

Under the India-Netherlands tax treaty and corresponding protocol, which has the most favored nation clause, dividends earned by a resident of Netherlands generally should be taxable in India at 10%. However, the treaty's most favored nation clause is triggered if India, subsequent to entering into the tax treaty with Netherlands, agrees to a lower tax rate in another tax treaty with an OECD. June 23, 2021 webmaster Funds, Investment Funds, Netherlands, Real Estate, Tax Fund Management, Netherlands, Real Estate, Tax US: What triggers an IRS Audit? Canada: Federal court orders Crypto Exchange to share Client data with CR mandated to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration by Decree of the Netherlands State Secretary of Finance of November 12, 2015 (IZV/2015/832). These requests should be made to: [English] Attn. National Director Large Businesses, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration Large Businesses, Behandelteam IFZ, PO Box 30206, 2500 GE The Hague [Dutch] T.a.v. Landelijk directeur Belastingdienst/Grote. The great thing about online money transfer companies is that in the vast majority of cases, they are less costly than wiring the funds to, or from, a Dutch bank account. For instance, traditional banks in the Netherlands take up to a 3% fee for transfers going from within, to outside, the Eurozone, and may even charge more for the exchange rate • In general, German real estate transfer tax (RETT) is triggered if real estate situated in Germany is sold or transferred to a new owner. • Apart from that, the transfer of shares/interest in companies owning German real estate may trigger RETT as well if thereby at least 95% of the shares/interest are (i) accumulated or (ii) transferred to new shareholder(s). This rule often triggers.

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Share transfer by a Netherlands Company in an Indian subsidiary not taxable under the tax treaty provisions July 5, 2017 In brief In a recent judgement, the High Court (HC) of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh held that alienation of a company's shares could not be equated with alienation of immovable property and taxed under Article 13(1) of the India-Netherlands Double Taxation Avoidance. On Budget Day, September 18, 2018, the Dutch government released the 2019 Budget, which includes the proposals for amendments to the Dutch tax laws (i.e. the 2019 Dutch tax plan). In the upcoming months the proposed amendments will be discussed in Dutch Parliament. Most proposals are aimed to enter into force as of January 1, 2019 Registering property Procedures, time and cost to transfer a property and the quality of the land administration system Getting credit Movable collateral laws and credit information systems Protecting minority investors Minority shareholders' rights in related-party transactions and in corporate governance Paying taxes Payments, time, total tax and contribution rate for a firm to comply with.

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In the Netherlands, the corporate tax is 20% on the first EUR 200,000 of taxable profits and 25% on taxable profits that exceed 200,000 transfer tax, inheritance/estate tax. For further information and customized support, don't hesitate to contact our Dutch accounting firm. Our Articles *Click on the categories below for full list of articles . Accounting Legislation in the Netherlands. Real estate transfer tax. The Dutch government proposes to increase the standard rate of the real estate transfer tax from 6% to 7% as of January 1, 2021. The standard tax rate applies to the transfer of non-residential properties and this includes office buildings, commercial premises and land intended for residential construction and hotels and guesthouses. The reduced tax rate of 2% will.

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The main tax issues of such a transfer are as follows: CIT. Any gain realised on the transferred business may be subject to Dutch corporate income tax (CIT). The CIT rate in the Netherlands currently is set at 16.5% for Dutch taxable income of up to EUR 200,000 and 25% for the excess (2020). An intra-group transfer must be executed at arm's length. A taxpayer can apply for an advance. The Netherlands levies gift and inheritance tax on assets gifted by or inherited from individuals resident of the Netherlands, irrespective of where the recipients and assets are located. The tax is levied on the recipient (who is subsequently obliged to file a tax return), based on the value of the assets and the relation to the donor/deceased. Transfers up to a certain value are exempt.

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transfer pricing; private client services; subsidies. By having the right tax structure in place and continuously adapting to change, your company stays 'in control'. Grant Thornton is glad to be your partner in tax matters. Read more . Our Tax. International corporate tax. The Netherlands' tax regime is highly dynamic. Rules and the administrative courts raise new challenges in fiscal. Categories Corporate Tax Transfer Pricing. Jurisdictions Netherlands Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia. Link copied Executive summary. On 28 December 2018, the Dutch Government published a list with low-taxed and non-cooperative jurisdictions relevant in the application of certain new Dutch measures against tax avoidance. The list will be used in applying the new supplementary controlled. When the Dutch participation exemption is not applicable based on the above conditions, a tax credit may be available. Costs which are related to the acquisition and disposal of a participation (e.g. legal fees, compensation, notary fees) are not deductible for corporate income tax purposes

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Netherlands Transfer tax Plans to increase transfer tax in the Netherlands have focused attention on property sales as the sale of the so-called Columbus Portfolio recently demonstrated. Real estate investor Daelmans Vastgoed has bought the residential portfolio from Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance for €51.2 million transfer it to the tax authorities. The Netherlands has a progressive tax system, which means the amount of income tax deducted from your salary depends on how much you earn. The amount can vary between 36,55% and 52% of your gross salary (2016 rates), depending on the level of your income (the Human Resources department of your host institution can give you exact information). In some.

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With this new taxation, the Dutch government wants to collect €200 million. Passengers transferring through a Dutch airport are exempt from the tax. Many countries around The Netherlands already levy an extra taxation. In recent years, The Netherlands has focused strongly on European cooperation In the Netherlands, the Personal Income Tax Act 2001 and the Inheritance Tax Act 1956 provide for a tax facility for the transfer of business assets and substantial shareholdings that represent. The Ministry of Finance guards the national treasury and works towards ensuring the Netherlands is financially healthy and prosperous. The Ministry of Finance oversees the responsible and effective spending of government resources, makes rules to ensure a stable financial system and oversees the quality of financial institutions. The Ministry of Finance also works on equitable and solid tax. - transfer tax: a 6% real estate transfer tax applies upon the purchase or property. - value-added tax: VAT in Netherlands has a standard rate of 21% and a reduced 9% rate applies to certain types of goods and services. Tax incentives for those who open a business in the Netherlands . The Netherlands is an attractive location to open a business also because of the incentives available to. Netherlands Salary Calculator 2021/22. Calculate your take home pay in the Netherlands (that's your salary after tax), with the Netherlands Salary Calculator. A quick and efficient way to compare salaries in the Netherlands, review income tax deductions for income in the Netherlands and estimate your tax returns for your Salary in the Netherlands

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The tax law in the Netherlands offers a preferential regime for corporate taxation with the aim to promote activities related to investments in novel technologies and development of innovative technology. This is the Innovation Box (IB) regime. For profits meeting the requirements for IB, companies owe a total of 7% corporate tax, rather than the 20 - 25% usually levied (according to the. The Netherlands The Netherlands Loyens & Loeff NV Lucia Sahin PART ONE: TRANSFER PRICING 1. GENERAL OVERVIEW The arm's length principle was codifi ed in Dutch legislation in 2002. The OECD Model Tax Convention and Guidelines play an important role in interpreting this principle in the Netherlands. The State Secretary of Financ

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The Dutch government proposes to increase the standard rate of the real estate transfer tax from 6% to 7% as of January 1, 2021. The standard tax rate applies to the transfer of non-residential. Current Dutch mortgage interest rates 2021; Moving homes; Mortgage requirements; Types of mortgages; Calculators. Mortgage calculator; Closing fees; Renting vs Buying calculator; Transfer tax checher; Selling property in the Netherlands; Blog; About us. Meet the team; Pricing; 0031 20 210 1074; Logi When buying property in the Netherlands, there are quite a few taxes and costs involved. Some of the additional costs you need to consider on your property purchase are the following: Transfer tax: 2% of the purchase price of the house. You will also pay 2% extra with the purchase of a garden, shed or garage. A transfer tax of 6% is mandatory for any other kind of property purchase (such as. The Netherlands brings entity tax classification rules in line with international standards. The current Dutch tax classification rules for Dutch and foreign entities (such as partnerships) are quite unique and therefore deviate from international standards. In particular, this has caused 'hybrid entity mismatches' in an international context

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