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Finance digitalization entails the integration of multiple technologies and strategies that enable the finance function to deliver value in the digital age. Learn proven practices to prepare for a digital world, including financial data integration, digital-ready ERP and advanced analytic forecasting Framework for digitalisation in finance This article presents a framework to help financial regulators understand the developments in financial markets that are being driven by digital technologies and innovation Digitalization in Finance Digitalizing finance: a major challenge for organizations of all kinds. According to Gartner, the term digital in the early 2000s only ranked among the Top 5 priorities for CEOs in 2.1% of the companies surveyed, whereas today it is a priority for one out of every five companies

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  1. g increasingly complex and extensive, but another major trend is also bringing change: the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital transformation
  2. Digitalisation in the finance sector offers the opportunity to enhance customer interactions. From customer service bots to clear and concise applications and social ads, through digital transformation this industry can serve a wide range of consumers, speaking a language that they understand
  3. Digitalization is forcing organizations to continuously evaluate and innovate their business models (Bharadwaj et al. 2013). In particular, digital innovation is leading to fundamental changes in the financial services industry (Barberis and Chishti 2016)
  4. Digitalization of microfinance is one of the strategic topics of the Microfinance Centre. We actively support microfinance institutions and other responsible finance providers in applying new technologies and fintech solutions for better outreach to the excluded and vulnerable clients, improved social outcomes and more efficient operations
  5. Digitalisation of the financial industry is often seen as a game changer. This paper aims to answer the question what the role of digital is financial instruments in SME finance in SubSaharan Africa(SSA). It discuss es the - opportunities and challenges of digital advances for SME finance in general and of thre
  6. Digitalization in Finance - Hype, Affirmation or Real Trend? November 2018 In-memory-databases In-memory databases primarily manage data in a main repository on one or several servers. This greatly improves data maintenance and analysis. Machine learning: Learning systems recognize patterns in available data based on commonalities

Agile project management techniques, such as Design Thinking or Scrum, are increasingly used in digitalization initiatives in all functions, except in Finance. Typically, traditional phase-based project management approaches are being applied, hindering an effective and fast digital transformation. Through external expertise and support, advantageous agile project methods can be utilized also in Finance projects to unleash the benefits of agile projects The Digitalization of the Finance Function February 20, 2020 Digitalization is now a realistic goal for the finance function because of a range of technological advances Digitization disrupting the Finance Industry. Digital — the buzzword used or over-used for quite some time now, brings in a huge impact on the financial & banking industry. Digitalization or Digital transformation is nothing but the restyling of financial services How digitalization impacts financial services companies and their audits. Zeynep Deldag. By Zeynep Deldag. EY Global & EMEIA Financial Services (FSO) Assurance Digital and Innovation Leader, EMEIA FSO Financial Accounting Advisory Services Partner, Ernst & Young Nederland LLP. Works with global banking and insurance clients on their CFO agenda, including both Assurance services and advising on.

Financial businesses investing in digitalisation can switch to a more agile business model that is bespoke to individual needs, as opposed to one size fits all. Gone are the days when IT systems that aren't quite the right fit must be tolerated with constant work arounds and temporary solutions. Thanks to increased digitalisation it's possible to create a cohesive, consistent and. leaders' prioritization of finance processes to introduce digital intervention in their organization. Efficient regular day to day transaction processing (45%) continues to be the topmost priority for the corporate finance function digital strategy followed by monthly management reporting and data analysis through automation (20%) Digitalization in Financial sector or Digital transformation in financial service is nothing but restyling of financial services. Digital transformation in finance sector involves right from the customer services to machine learning, from artificial intelligence to mobility, the financial industry is modified from complex, time-consuming operations to a more transparent structure and right at.

Digital - the buzzword used or over-used for quite some time now, brings in a huge impact on the financial & banking industry. Digitalization or Digital transformation is nothing but the restyling of financial services. Right from customer services to machine learning, from Artificial Intelligence to mobility; the finance industry is modified from complex, time-consuming operations to a more. Digitalization: Regulating the future of finance. As technology reshapes the banking industry, regulators are rising to the challenge. Regulatory authorities are increasingly interested in the new products and business models being adopted by market participants. Digitalization is at the forefront of the challenges facing the banking industry. Digitalization of finance comprises the systemic changes to the financial system, aided by technology including changes in business models, products and services. Digitization is the shift from paper to digital format and the shift from manual to automated processes. Financing includes processes of buying and selling, taxation, procurement, contracting, saving, credit, investment, and. Digitalisation in Trade Finance 1. ICC Digital Rules & Practices a. eRules - eUCP version 2.0 and eURC version 1.0 (Stream Lead: Dave... 2. Accelerating Digital Adoption a. R oadmap & communications (Stream Leads: Chris Southworth & Alisa... 3. Streams under consideratio Following the launch of the International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) Global Survey on Trade Finance, our VP of Digitization, Tsafrir Attar, explains why the future is now for the global trade finance industry. Over the last decade, banks have become bigger, more profitable, and better capitalized

Keywords such as digitalisation, big data and data analytics are also omnipresent in the financial sector - regardless of company size and industry. Digitalisation will . bring major changes to all companies. Besides the change in entire core business models, digitalisation particularl Downloadable! In this study we characterize and discuss digitalization in the financial services industry, focusing on the link between fintech and financial stability. Digitalization and the emerging fintech industry offer a large variety of new products and ways to save. As a result, the process of matching savers with investors will become more direct and the share of wealth invested. Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Tagung Digitalization in Finance & Law 2020 ein, die mit freundlicher Unterstützung von und in Kooperation mit NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte GmbH sowie PwC Schweiz und dem Liechtensteinischen Bankenverband durchge-führt wird. Das Fürstentum Liechtenstein hat, nicht zuletzt aufgrund des seit 1. Januar 2020 in Geltung stehenden «Blockchain Gesetzes» (TVTG), in vielen. Digitalization in Finance and Law. Info. zurück zur Übersicht. Tagung Referent en. MMag. Luca Caramanica Lic. oec. HSG Adrian Hasler Mag. iur. Thomas Nägele, LL.M. Prof. Dr. Nicolas Raschauer MMag. Philipp Rosenauer, MLaw, MSc Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner Prof. Dr. Stefan Seidel Dr. Joachim Schwerin. Termin. Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2020 9.00 -15.30 Uhr SAL Saal am Lindaplatz Landstrasse 19.

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Government Digitalization and Public Financial Management—Initial Evidence, which was published as Chapter 12 of Gupta, Sanjeev, Michael Keen, Alpa Shah, and Genevieve Verdier (eds.), 2017. Digital Revolutions in Public Finance, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. We wish to thank Fleishman Hillard, Rodrigo Mejia Ricart, Rosita Najmi, and Camillo Tellez for their insightful. Digitalization and the fight against financial crime Digitalization offers enormous advantages in the global fight against financial crime, although sophisticated technology... Moving away from traditional paper-based identity verification to embrace digital equivalents transcends geographies and.... Join our 2nd edition Finance 4.0: Finance Digitalisation & Transformation Summit in Amsterdam for an opportunity to harness strategies curated for you to achieve a competitive edge in your industry! This forum will address key burning issues on ways to integrate enterprise-wide digital transformation strategies, developing technology offerings for CFO's, ensuring you can strategically select.

Financial companies are investing in digitalization to improve operational costs and meet client expectations, but few can claim success. In this viewpoint we argue that a vast majority of companies seem to have started digitalizing themselves aimlessly, with no clear objectives of how they want to move forward. It's time to re-examine the facts and adjust the course Digitalization in financial services and household finance: fintech, financial literacy and financial stability FINANCIAL STABILITY REPORT 35 - JUNE 2018 53 of industries ranging from the retail sector to banking. Fintechs are usually built on a wealth of information about customers that banks, or indeed any other sector, cannot hope to obtain. 1.4 Through a regulatory lens Fintech is the. Impact of Digitalization on the Banking Sector. One of the tendencies in the banking industry is that the largest banks have invested a lot in digital and into the future, while many smaller and regional banks have more difficulties to keep up as they are more dependent on technology vendors. As a result, the market share is clearly moving. The course Digitalization of Finance will focus on the ways in which digital technologies are changing the rules of competition in finance. Instead of competing on scale and fortified business positions, competition is turning to speed and digital innovations. From a managerial perspective, the financial sector is moving from being stable.

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The digitalisation of financial products and services, and the consequent need to strengthen digital financial literacy has become an important component of the global policy-making agenda. The G20, beginning with the Chinese Presidency in 2016 and continuing with Germany's Presidency in 2017, has devoted considerable attention to the opportunities and challenges created by digital financial. Digitalisation is the process of converting information into a digital form. Many businesses are now transitioning online in a bid to streamline the management and day to day operations. This shift is powered by a new wave of technology that allows companies of all shapes & sizes to be more strategic and efficient

see that the financial industry is starting to exploit the possibilities of entirely new processes and means of consumption enabled by digitalisation, gradually changing the very structures of the financial sector. These developments are also seen in other industries and part of what is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, covering a long range of innovations, e.g. genetics. Digitalisation is already transforming finance, for example, mobile platforms bring financial services to mass markets and a third of US public equities trades are executed by computer-managed funds, the report said. Steiner told a press briefing that the digital finance revolution offers opportunities to reconnect people with their money This book explores current digitalization issues in finance and accounting with particular focus on emerging and transitioning markets. It features models, empirical studies and cases studies on topics such as Fintech, blockchain technology, financing renewable energy, and XBRL usage from sectors such health care, pharmacology, transportation, and education

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study to review access-to-finance conditions for the digitalisation of SMEs and the role of digital innovation hubs (DIHs) as key enablers in the wider ecosystem. Digital innovation hubs serve as important, regional multi-partner coordinators. They reside at the heart of the innovation and digitalisation ecosystem and comprise a wide variety of organisations, including research and technology. Digital finance package. Based on broad public consultations and the digital finance outreach, the European Commission adopted on 24 September 2020 a digital finance package. The package includes a digital finance strategy, and legislative proposals on crypto-assets and digital resilience, and a renewed retail payments strategy Connecting the Dots: Digitalization, Finance & Sustainable Development. In order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is critical to mobilize private finance at greater speed and scale. Financial innovations, new technologies and digitalization have the potential to contribute significantly to this task. Against this backdrop, the United Nation's Secretary-General has. 5 Financial literacy as a key factor in financial inclusion . A workshop on digitising finance and financial literacy focussed on the challenges of the digitalisation of financial services for consumers and investors. Additional qualifications and skills are necessary in order to be able to use these services effectively and responsibly. At the.

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Benefits Of Digitalisation. Digital solutions can simplify a country's security and intelligence systems, and its economy and infrastructure. For citizens, digitalization promises much needed improvement both in the delivery of public services, such as Government/Bank issued certificates, and other services, financial or other consultancy services The impact of digitalisation and sustainability on the future of asset finance were the focus of the first session in a major new seminar series organised by the International Asset Finance Network Online. In a series of 'Fireside Chats' throughout 2021, industry leaders will share their thoughts on the key trends that are affecting the auto and equipment finance markets and reveal their.

Legislators need to be more accommodative to digitalisation in finance, ideally in the shape of an EU regime. The European Commission's digital finance package, which sets out rules for matters including cryptocurrencies and cloud computing, is a step in the right direction. Rules for artificial intelligence were put forward just recently that many felt were overly restrictive. What's your. Digitalization improves the performances of SMEs and helps in reducing financial obstacles by providing alternative financing options to SME. Increasing access to alternative finance has resulted in the significant rise in SMEs operating performance, profitability and productivity. This paper finds that there is a high impact of digitalization o For trade finance, digitalisation is influencing business models and strategies for corporates and banks. This is primarily due to its power to simplify and to reduce costs, while also allowing banks to better serve small-to SMEs and stimulate trade flows. The benefits of digitalisation are now widely accepted and were largely outlined in last year's ICC report, which highlighted its.

By promoting digital finance, KfW Development Bank is helping to shape progressive change and contribute to more inclusive financial systems. For example, it supports the development of digital national payment transaction systems, the expansion of mobile phone- and smartcard-based applications and, more generally, the digitalisation of microfinance institutions For many experts, the digitalisation of microfinance is essential to the survival of the sector. According to you, what are the benefits of digitalisation to microfinance? There are at least 4 main benefits to digitalisation. First, it allows MFIs to increase revenues and reduce costs. McKinsey estimate that financial institutions' digital transformation could add 45% to their annual net.

Modern financial services require a strong digital strategy, and stakeholder demand for digital financial services is rising. Digitalisation has transformed from something which is nice to have, into a must-have. During the first quarter of 2020, the C-suite of financial institutions were mainly occupied with tough macro-economic conditions (as in low interest rates and decreasing Net Interest. Digitalization, Competition, and Financial Stability Opening remarks prepared for the Seminar Statistics on Fintech - Bringing Together Demand and Supply to Measure its Impact organized by the Irving Fisher Committee (IFC) and the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) 17.08.2019 Kuala Lumpur Claudia Buch. 1 Digital innovations as a catalyst for. The FMA's Analysis on Digitalisation in the Austrian Financial Market Digitalisation is changing the framework of the financial market more quickly and radically than has been the case in decades. From the outset, the FMA has been interested in this transformation process for obtaining current findings about the associated opportunities, trends and threats. In so doing we strictly observe. Quotes tagged as digitalization Showing 1-30 of 242. The digital world has become safer and with that, came into existence many great ideas.. Now I existed solely thanks to the quantum paradox, my brain a collection of qubits in quantum superposition, encoding truths and memories, imagination and irrationality in opposing. Trade finance digitalisation is not just limited to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Maersk, the largest container ship and supply vessel operator in the world since 1996, announced digital trade finance in South Africa to help boost the SMEs in the region. The company highlighted the huge trade finance gap in Africa which stands between $110 billion to $120 billion. By financing SMEs in.

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The digitalisation of the trade finance industry is already underway, said Michael Vrontamitis, Chair of the Digitalisation of Trade Finance Working Group. In order to help the industry to reach a point of critical mass, where the benefits are fully realised, we need to develop a framework and create a digital ecosystem to enable connectivity and collaboration between stakeholders, in. The German recovery plan sends a clear signal in favour of climate action, digitalisation, growth and jobs. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. The EU and its member states responded to the crisis quickly and vigorously with far-reaching measures. Germany and France took the initiative at the decisive moment and are key architects of the European recovery programme Next Generation EU. The. The digitalisation of retail financial services is developing rapidly and has transformed this market. Consumers are increasingly purchasing credit, banking, investment, insurance and other financial products online, mainly from domestic providers but also cross-border. This has led established players to adapt their marketing and business practices to this changing market and also to the. The pandemic has boosted networking in Germany. Despite some technical hurdles, working from home is on the rise here to an extent thought impossible a couple of months ago. Will Germany become a.

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digitalization suggest that about 40-60% of jobs in developed G20 countries will face a high risk of being digitalized within the foreseeable future. These risks are not distributed evenly among women's and men's jobs. The good news is that new digital technologies will likely replace women's jobs to a lesser extent than men's jobs. The digitalisation of finance 02 July, 2020 Future of finance series In its Future of Finance series, The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) and The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) invite leading practitioners and observers to debate current trends in finance and discuss what they might mean for the future of the sector Digitalisation in Finance and Accounting | 2. The ability to deliver . high quality . and . reliable data . to key decision makers is critical. A digitally-enabledfinance function can redeploy resources for . higher quality reporting and analysis work. The question is not if digital transformation of finance will bebeneficial in the long term but. how much benefit it will A key.

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  1. study in close cooperation with DG Connect to review access-to-finance conditions for the digitalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the role of digital innovation hubs (DIHs) as key enablers in the wider ecosystem. The recent coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown the importance of accelerating the digital transformation of businesses in almost all sectors, be it health.
  2. With the rise of the digitalization of financial firms, data has become a crucial resource when making practical decisions regarding the vast amount of information available to them. Big data also enable banks to make decisions or enhance processes on the data available to their customers. Higher Efficiency in Processes: Innovative technologies like the electronic signature or the creation of.
  3. through automation and digitalization. Focus on Asset Finance Smart Finance in Action Infographic 03 04 06 08 10 12 14 16 20 22 In this 13-country study, pioneering finance managers in the manufacturing sector reported that they are diversifying their sources of finance to access sufficient capital funding so that they can invest in innovative digitalized technology. The range of financing.
  4. Digitalisation is an important factor for the competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre. It facilitates new, innovative business models in the financial sector. These developments are driven among other things by more powerful mobile end-user devices, improved availability and analysability of big data and blockchain technology
  5. Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Vortragsveranstaltung Digitalization in Finance & Law ein, die mit freundlicher Unterstützung von und in Kooperation mit NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte GmbH sowie PwC Schweiz und dem Liechtensteinischen Bankenverband, durchgeführt wird. Die Digitalisierung hat die Finanzbranche längst schon fest im Griff. Technologische Entwick- lungen wie Blockchain, Artificial.
  6. The digitalization in finance however brings about transformative changes with positive and negative effects, likely even more in the high-potential markets of the Arab region. Up-to-date policies, rules, and development approaches that take into account the new chances and new risks in technology and digitization in finance are required to unlock the full potential of digital financial.
  7. Digitalization in Finance & Law bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, sich durch unsere hochkarätigen Referenten über aktuelle (Rechts-)Fragen, nationale und europäische Entwicklungen sowie neue Trends rund um die digitale Transformation der Finanzbranche zu informieren. Referenten: S.D. Prinz Michael von und zu Liechtenstein Regierungschef Adrian.

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The waves of digitalization are sweeping across the financial industry. As new industries enter the market and transform traditional financial institutions into comprehensive information providers by digitalizing their services, seizing the advantages of ICT, the old power structures are shifting dramatically. In this article, panelists from four financial institutions striving to expand their. The urgent digitalization of China's banks. By asset size, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is the world's largest bank. It is one of China's big four state-owned lenders, with 7 million business clients, as well as a retail giant, with over 600 million individual customers. ICBC is used to throwing its weight around. It came after FIC launched a major initiative for digitalization of financial services in Serbia, with a document providing overview of 17 measures to be implemented. First meeting was held in December with NBS and PM Delivery Units and was dedicated to the 6 priority issues (for more info see December edition). At the three meetings that followed, other topics were also discussed. The goal of. Digitalization in Finance and Accounting - 20th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting (ACFA 2019) Prague, Czech Republic. 1st ed. 2021. HC runder Rücken kaschiert. Sprache: Englisch. (Buch (gebunden)) - portofrei bei eBook.d

Priority of digitalization in finance processes in India 2020. Published by Statista Research Department , Apr 20, 2021. In a survey conducted from September to October 2020, 65 percent of. These modern developments, gives the much needed digitalisation of Trade Finance a real possibility. A step-by -step approach is needed to move from paper to a safe, secure and compliant digital. Digitalization is forcing organizations to continuously evaluate and innovate their business models (Bharadwaj et al. 2013). In particular, digital innovation is leading to fundamental changes in the financial services industry (Barberis and Chishti 2016). Agile and innovative financial technology startups (fintechs) are known as a driver of these changes, since they address emerging customer.

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The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) has published a detailed study on digitalisation in the Austrian financial market today. According to the study, Austria's financial undertakings have a generally positive attitude towards digital transformation: overall they see an opportunity to further develop their business The digitalisation of finance: simplified solutions for eventful times. The year 2021 may be starting with some early signs of growth, but the fierce digitalisation brought upon businesses worldwide is far from complete. Worldwide, CFOs, CPOs, and IT leaders guide initiatives to simplify complex and time-consuming operations while preventing workflow disruptions and improving the workplace. Advantages of Digitalization in Banking Sector Pay or send money from anywhere. With the digitalization in the banking sector, it has offered the customers to use... Easy and Convenient. Digitalization has made it easy and convenient for the customers and the financial institution, as... Written. Trade finance digitalisation: The risks. As Covid-19 spread across the world, employees were sent home and forced to adopt digitised methods to do their work. In trade, 'make do' solutions were introduced to carry out transactions and keep goods moving, causing alarm bells to ring over the risks of digitalisation, writes Maddy White

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Among a sample of 27 financial institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Ms Schicks finds that commercial banks drive more innovation in the digitalisation of financial services, relative to the other institutions sampled. These other financial services providers are microfinance institutions (MFIs) with banking licenses and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) that provide leasing. The digitalisation of SME Finance in Asia ADDRESSING THE RISKS On the credit side, performance by alternative lending platforms has been even better than some banks. Our [non-performing loans (NPLs)] are about 0.5% of disbursements, Mr Tambunan explains, much lower [than] the average NPL in Indonesia of around 2-3%. These borrowers are really good. 5 However, in other ways. Road to trade finance digitalisation. You are here: Home TRADE FINANCE Road to trade finance digitalisation; October 2019 Why is it taking so long to digitalise trade finance? While the rubber stamp underpins all documentary credits, and while courts will only accept paper in trade finance disputes, it's hard to move forward. But if enough countries agree on the next steps, progress should.

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  1. Islamic finance Digitalization Innovation and sustainable development. Islamic finance has developed a unique and balance system that complies with the principles of Shariah. Shariah encompasses all aspect of human life that aims to provide a fair, equitable distribution of wealth, alleviate all form of poverty and promote sustainable development. This study focuses on discussing the current.
  2. Digitalization in the financial service industry. Digital technologies are increasingly affecting innovations (Kauffman, Liu, & Ma, 2015; Vermeulen, 2004), customer relations, business relationships, and IT (Kraus et al., 2019a, 2019b), particularly in industries such as the financial service industry where a shift to online services is happening (Setia et al., 2013). Financial service firms.
  3. Digitalisation in financial services: A ladder to higher levels of agility . www.sherpany.com 2 When I started my entrepreneurship journey, I was quick to realise that the biggest obstacle to the proper execution of ideas was the slow speed at which decisions were being made. Just like any other company, we had meetings. Tons of them. At first, we thought that involving more people would help.
  4. Connecting the Dots: Digitalization, Finance & Sustainable Development Monday, 27 January 2020 2:30pm - 5:45pm followed by a reception Berlin In order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is critical to mobilize private finance at greater speed and scale. Financial innovations, new technologies and digitalization have the potential to contribute significantly to this task.
  5. Role of digitalisation and innovation in creating a true single market for retail financial services and insurance 07 - 2016 I 2 . DISCLAIMER . The information and views set out in this study are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Commission. The Commission does no

The financial sector is undergoing a rapid transformation as digitalisation is impacting the very nature of traditional financial services and products. As a result, incumbent firms and existing business models are increasingly challenged by new market entrants which are leveraging innovative technologies: real-time data, blockchain and artificial intelligence are paving the way for a new era. The path towards digitalisation . Everyone in trade finance is keenly aware how paper-intensive our industry is. As we strive for more sustainable trade finance, we must also commit to further digitising our services, which should help to facilitate the faster settlement of cross border trade. In 2019, Societe Generale chose Asia to experiment with the execution of its first electronic. Digitalisation cannot create awareness about the requirements of shipping.. Companies and its staff handling the business should have this awareness and knowledge and not expect digitalisation to answer or be the answer to all problems.. In conclusion, in order to leverage the benefits of digitalisation and avoid the pitfalls of digitalisation Learn more about our food and beverage finance capabilities ; Digitalization for your entire value chain; The role of smart financing in enabling Food and Beverage manufacturers navigate to the 'new normal'. Machine building Unlike conventional lenders, we understand the uses, possibilities and lifecycles of the machinery and technology we finance. So we can provide expert advice when it comes.

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  1. g practices. In the 2000s, banks, who were keen to reduce their operational costs, invested in Read mor
  2. How digitalization has transformed DHL Express' operations. SINGAPORE, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Embarking on digital transformation projects has driven greater efficiencies and higher.
  3. Trade Finance Digitalisation: The Future Is Now Surecom
  4. Digitalization in financial services and household finance
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  1. The digitalisation effect on the finance function
  2. CFO 4.0 - Digital transformation in the financial function ..
  3. Digital Finance Function Is a Critical Focus for CFOs in 202
  4. Digital Financial Inclusion - World Ban
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