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  4. MOOLA ROADMAP. Initial Launch 2/22/2021 of the MLA Token on the Binance Smart Chain, BEP20. PancakeSwap Burn BakerySwap Burn. 2/24/2021 - Julswap Trading Added. 2/28/2021 - 1Inch Exchange MLA and LPs. 2/28/2021 - MLA Price Waterfall TG Bot. 2/28/2021 - swap.getmoola.org Launched! 3/1/2021 - CoinMarketCap Added Moola. The Moola Team is in talks with CoinGecko and others to list Moola.
What is Moola (MLA) | What is Moola token | What is MLA token

Ok so it's not actually a roadmap: it's a to-do list, in no particular order, with no particular timeline. This is how we work: as fast as we can, on the things we can. Pivoting is a way of life. Q4 of 2020. Research and planning . Deploy smart contract. Website UI design . Q1 of 2021. Launching VeraSwap . Listing on Pancakeswap . Listing on Julswap . Building staking and sales Liquidity. Roadmap FAQ Buy on JulSwap Connect wallet Mail Telegram Twitter Medium Reddit Price: $0.00 / Market cap: $0.00. Audited by: #TFF; Disconnected. Connect wallet; Q2 2021 Platform launch on BSC; Retirement fund launch; BNB and BUSD vault launch; Q3 2021 Ethereum integration via token bridge; Community governance & voting ; Governance forum; Q4 2021 Mobile application with cross. Travala.com Roadmap for Q1 2021. 06/01/2021 1 min read. The focus is on user growth and building the product by adding flights, activities and packages bookings. As well as further integrations with Binance we will continue to optimise and improve our existing products and prioritise new features that add further value to Travala.com and AVA.

JulSwap; Flamingo; Nash; Switcheo; MDEX; LAVAswap; Depth; Chocoswap; Find the best prices across multiple chains. Aggregate liquidity sources across leading DEXs. Discover the most efficient trading routes. Trade safely with no limits and hidden fees. Trade across chains with one click. Freely exchange multi-chain assets. Access different blockchain networks. Bridge to Layer 2 networks. PancakeSwap (CAKE) roadmap, news & upcoming events: hard fork, halving, release, airdrop, listing on Binance and others. Coindar Calendar. Calendar. All current events of cryptocurrencies and search on them. Add event. Contribute to the development of the service . Favorites. Events and favorite coins rates. Notifier. Delivery of notifications about new events of your coins using mail. We are a crypto money project established to help stray animals all over the world. The symbol of our token is SP Project Roadmap. 2021 First Quater. Design of Ounce Network idea, concept and business plan. 2021 First Quater . Development of the Ounce Network smart Contract for token release. Platform development continuation. 2021 First Quater. Conduction of private sale / IDO. Listing on JulSwap. Continuation of awareness campaign. 2021 Second Quater. Launch of Farming and Staking programme. Listing on.

Roadmap. Q1 2021 Design of Veroswap, Concept and business plan Platform development continuation . Q3 2021 Conduction of private sale/IDO Conduction of presale on julpad Veroswap Airdrop Listing on julswap Listing on pancakeswap Listing on Coinmarketcap Listing on CoinGecko . Q4 2021. Roadmap. Walk with us in this marverlous journey. 2021; Q2 2021; Q3 2021; Q4 2021; How to Buy. Store your Zephyr now! PancakeSwap. The #1 AMM and yield farm, on BSC. BUY NOW! Julswap. One of the biggest Dex on BSC. Coming soon. Binance. Join the largest crypto exchange. Coming Soon. Social Platform. Follow us to get all the updates and make you voice heard. Twitter. Click here! Telegram. Click. Roadmap; Audit Report; Token Contract; Join our Telegram; Yield Farming Soon.. Zombie Pool Launched! Launch Staking Platform; Buy on 1inch Exchange (SET SLIPPAGE TO %11) Token Mechanics. Auto Burning Mechanism (%2) Each Transaction will Burn %2 to the Ground. Shrinking Total Supply Over Time! This will help to increase the value of our token dramatically as it increases scarcity. Auto Farming.

Roadmap; Contact; Buy. Decentralized Shipping Platform on BSC. Chainline is a trustless peer-to-peer shipping network that gets products and valuable items to their destinations with near-zero risk. Buy Learn more. How it works. It works by moving an item's cost between peers as it travels through the system. A central hub contract controls reserved funds in Chainline smart wallets running. If you are a PANCAKE SWAP/BAKERY SWAP/JULSWAP user, and you want to be able to anticipate market movements and develop better trading strategies, Lumo Tools will help you in a very simple way. Responsive. Lumo Tools works on all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Data analysis. Real-time data analysis connected to chart. Token, Pair. Track favorite contract token, pair, track order. Roadmap. 1. Q1 - Start. On 2 May begins the development of the website for meme creator. On 10 May published website safeshiba.info. 2-Market cap listing Coinmarketcap listing . CoinGecko listing. 3. Q3 - MC. On 15 July the first view of the project will be published. The beta version will be released on September 1st. 4. Q4 - A new exchange will also be listed. UniSwap. SushiSwap. JulSwap. Roadmap Our Roadmap. We have published a roadmap for the future plans of the Swaprol project. We'll stick to the program as a team. November 2020 Project Formation; January 2021 ICO Sale Start; February 2021 ICO SALE End ; February 2021 Token distribution; February 2021 DEX Listing + Liquidity; February/March 2021 Other Exchange Listing; March 2021 Company Establishment; March 2021 V1 Platform. JulSwap Price Prediction 2021 - Will JULD Hit $0.5 Soon? 7 Altcoins That Make You a Billionaire in 2022; Reserve Rights Price Prediction 2021 - Will RSR Hit $0.3 Soon? CoinMarketCap Soon to Rank Crypto Legal Tender Countries Say CZ Binance; South Korea Snatches off $47 Million From Tax Evaders; Polkadot Rises up to 70% In 4 Hour

JulSwap (JULD) Price Prediction 2021, 2022 + Future JULD

As part of its roadmap, the first major product in the QDX ecosystem, QDX Vault will enable people to stake their QDX tokens and earn token airdrops from every other token that gets listed on the exchange. Additionally, an airdrop has been scheduled in June for Quidax and JulSwap community members that hold QDX JULSWAP Google Play Store. How It Works? To enjoy all the products and services offered by Lead Wallet, as an iOS or Android user, all you need to do is to head over to the Android play store or iOS app store to download Lead Wallet. It takes less than a minute to set up your Lead wallet account to start benefiting from Lead wallet services. Why Lead? We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. A Secure Platform for Ape Friends to Ape on! Ape Strong Together, and Ape only as safu as Ape platform security. Wall St Apes has a fully decentralized platform. There is no point of failure, no point of entry for someone to perform a DNS attack. Our platform is hosted via IPFS and is more secure than some of the leading swap sites

Warden: The Master Plan (2021 Roadmap) by WARDEN

ROADMAP. 2021 Q1. IN PROGRESS. ️Project Development. ️Seed Sales. 2021 Q2. IN PROGRESS. ️ Private sale ️ Public sale ️ Listing on Pancakeswap and Julswap ️ Coingecko and Coinmarket listing ️ Contract auditing ️ Liquidity generation programme ️ BulkBSC Dex ️ Farming and staking ️ BulkBSC Fair Launchpad ️ Marketing campaign . 2021 Q3. IN PROGRESS. ️Listing on 2 big. ChainSwap Roadmap. May 2021 Active. Chains token generation event & smartcontract development . May 2021 Active. Staking via Credible Pool and Yield Farming. June 2021 Comming Soon. Cswap token IDO on JULPAD listing shortly on Julswap ,Pancakeswap,1inch,Bilaxy and Digifinex. July 2021 Comming Soon. Launch first IDO. August 2021 Comming Soon. Cswap Exchange interface and swapping of both Beep. Mai, auf seiner Plattform und DeFi-Plattform JulSwap gelistet sein werden, wo jeder In-QDX handeln kann. Quidax stellte auch seine QDX-Roadmap vor, die die nächsten Entwicklungen innerhalb des. JulSwap là gì? JulSwap là một sàn giao dịch phi tập trung theo giao thức tạo lập thị trường tự động (AMM) tương tự Uniswap hay SushiSwap trên Binance Smart Chain (BSC), cho phép người dùng có thể swap bất kỳ token BEP20 nào và sử dụng pool thanh khoản thay vì sổ lệnh. JulSwap là một sản phẩm của Justliquidity, một giao thức. JULSWAP SLP POOL: Stake BSC-BNB SLP from Julswap Exchange . 1.) Click Buy BSC on JulSwap or Bakeryswap . 2.) Go to Julswap, Click Add your Liquidity and Click Supply. 3.) See Farming guide to complete the steps to stake and farm . This BSC-BNB Julswap Pool has no lock up LP feature and the allocation to VAULT APY is at 20%. Get Started with BSC CORE FINANCE Lock your BNB in LGE Learn how to.

Our Roadmap. Q1 2021. Listing on pancake swap Listing on Julswap. Q2 2021. Start accepting LVGC as payment for Livestocks and feeds. Q3 2021. Listing LVGC on Binance. Q4 2021. Launching LIVAG native exchange. Q1 2022. Formation of committee on LIVAG Charity. Q2 2022. LIVAG Blockchain development begins. Q3 2022 . Launcing of LIVAG 1st tourists center. Q4 2022. General project assessment and. Roadmap. Q1 2020. Idea Creating Idea about PBL and planning for the projects. Q2 2020. Market Research After the idea & Plan, Market Research for PBL was Started. Q3 2021. Airdrop Live When the preparation end, we Release Airdrop Event for PBL. Q4 2021. Listing PancakeSwap & JulSwap We've Listed on Pancake Swap and added liquidity on May. Q5 2021. Future Listing Target Latoken, Hotbit, Dcoin.

Roadmap. Q2 2021 - Research Methodology - Token Creation - Whitepaper Release - Website Development - Airdrop & Bounty - Private Sale & Public Sale - Pancakeswap Listing & Add Liquidity. Q3 2021 - More Exchange Listing (Julswap, Bakery e.t.c) - Protocol Launch ( Staking) - Launch Juice Wallet (Beta 1) - Trading Competition - Coinmarketcap/Coingecko Lisiting . Q4 2021 - Protocol Launch (Lending. Roadmap. Walk with us in this marverlous journey. 2021; Q2 2021; Q3 2021; Q4 2021; How to Buy. Store your Zephyr now! PancakeSwap. The #1 AMM and yield farm, on BSC. BUY NOW! Julswap. One of the biggest Dex on BSC. Coming soon. Binance. Join the largest crypto exchange. Coming Soon. Social Platform. Follow us to get all the updates and make you voice heard. Twitter. Click here! Telegram. Click. JulSwap DEX is built on the Binance Smart Chain, it is a community token with the following tokenomics: 800 000 000 supply. 190 000 000 circulation. JULD is distributed exclusively to the community. Another important aspect is IDO Participation and the possibility of staking. Limit Orders Fee Participation is upcoming Roadmap Roadmap. Past: Pre-production Concept creation, Build Development Plan Invite early stage venture investors Fair launch of the Octopus Finance token. 2021 Q2 Upload Whitepaper / Technical Documentation Build smart contract (Verify on BSCscan) Launch for Website and Communication Channels (Twitter, TG, Youtube) Online promotion (On Social Media) Launch on PancakeSwap & JulSwap Poocoin. Every Trade is Taxed with an Immutable 10% FEE. While 6.2% goes back to all HOLDERS, 3.8% is BURNED forever, Shrinking the Total Supply Over Time

New and exciting roadmap events taking place in the near future. Holders will vote between two options: burning 95% with a project for the remaining 5% or burning 100% of the unlocked tokens in March 2022. Adding hotels & flights booking in KiwiGo user apps using api integration. Tokenization of loyalty and cashback in the KiwiGo app users Home | Lassie Finance. Lassie Finance is a non-profit crypto-based community helping animals in need. Our platform helps to create substantial earnings to investors and at the same time helping animals in charity. We are charity making sure lost and homeless animals around the world get a better life and free from suffering Julswap. Pancakeswap. Bakeryswap. Token Distribution. Kamikaze unique innovative mode, would prove to build a profitable platform for users via Kamikaze Swap,NFT Market Place ,Events dApp, E-Commerce payments and exchanges. As a deflationary token, 5% of the total supply is redistributed to KMZ Swap token holders while 3% of the total supply is burn forever on every single transaction. 20%. roadmap; blockchain explorer; team; staking; Best, Cheap & Instant Decentralized Swap. Mifty swap (MFY) is Decentralized Exchange and automated market maker on Binance Smart Chain that maintains the same and tested and true liquidity protection . Our Target is 4 Billion+ Internet Users with Social, Crypto and Financial accounts. Presale start time: 120: 4: 12: 22: Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds. KnotFinance 2021 Roadmap. Q1 2021 Concept. Team Formation LitePaper Development Platform Development Initial Marketing . Q2 2021. Launch. Test Launch of KnotSwap Token Sale Initial Listing Marketing / Promotion Q3 2021 Launch Of the KnotSWap. KnotPaper v1 Staking Launch High APY Yield Farming CEX Listing. Q4 2021 Launch Of the KnotSWap. KnotBridge Launch NFT MarketPlace NFT Farming Partnership.

JULSWAP 5,000,000; BlockChain Binance Smart Chain BEP20-BSC; Status non mintable, deflationary 2%; Unique crosschain decentralised exchange . There have always been a failing system in the decentralized finance ecosphere, Moon Cookies token aims to bridge that. We have developed a dual platform which offers solution that aggregates cryptocurrency exchanges, non-bank liquidity providers, Forex. Roadmap . 2021 Q1 Binance Smart Chain Integration . 2021 Q2 TapSwap Exchange . 2021 Q3 NFT Markets. 2021 Q3 Synthetix Assets Tokenization Services launchpad. Learn more about BSC and upcoming products on Mediu Roadmap. Done 15/4. Dex Aggregator; Done May. Listing on PancakeSwap & JulSwap; May. Launch the first crypto game using ARI token & daily ARI airdrop event; May. Launch Farm & Retirement Vault; June. Launch BSC Chart Tools & NFTs farming; July. Launch BSC DEX Tools & Defi Aggregation; Q3. Build Whale tracking bots & ARI DEX ; Q4. More DEX listing, u001dBuild Multiswap functions & IDO Launchpad. Furthermore, BSC is seeing a rise in new decentralized applications (DApps) like BakerySwap, JulSwap, Autofarm and many more platforms. The increased competition will put immense pressure on Ethereum developers to speed up, or at least stick to, the deadlines that mark the roadmap leading to its proof-of-stake final form which should put an end to its current scaling issues

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In addition, an airdrop has also been scheduled for June 2021 for Quidax and JulSwap community members that hold QDX. As part of the Quidax roadmap, the exchange is also looking to launch a self-service listing that will serve BEP20 projects looking to list on the Quidax exchange within 24hrs. The listing service is expected to go live in August 2021. All the above developments are part of. Laut dem Quidax-Team wird der Token sowohl auf der Heimat-Plattform als auch auf der DeFi-Plattform JulSwap geführt. Die Unterstützung begann der Firma zufolge am Sonntag, 23. Mai. Quidax verfolgt zudem eine Roadmap, die darauf abzielt, das Wachstum innerhalb des QDX-Ökosystems zu erhöhen. Dies wird Berichten zufolge heute mit der Listung einiger der beliebtesten Token des Marktes beginnen. CoinMarketCal is the leading economic calendar for reliable cryptocurrency news. It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions BitHob is DeFi Yield Farming Token, Protocol idea is to provide a decentralized transaction network which operates on (BSC). On Every transaction 2% will be Distributed to the BHB holders, Additionally 2% of that transaction will be burned from the Total Supply (every transaction total supply will be scale down)

Additionally, an airdrop has been scheduled in June for Quidax and JulSwap community members that hold QDX. The QDX roadmap also indicates the launch of a self-service listing that will go live in. 1) Submit your project with the different details that we will ask of you, such as its name, a thorough description, price per token, roadmap, website, Token Sale Start Date, Token Allocation and other aspects of your project. New: Upload your Private Sale Participants Wallets and Token Allocation! 2) You need to deposit 5 BNB as a fee On what could be tagged as the worst day of crypto this year, African-founded exchange, Quidax, raised over 7,772 BNB from the public sale of its token, QDX. The crypto market suffered its first. Futurov x Satoshi CLUB AMA Session 01 June 2021. PART 1. Introduction of Futurov project and community questions. Hello, Satoshi clubbers and guests of this site. Let's talk today about the Futurov project. Futurov is a community-owned multi-media entertainment platform and end-to-end NFT hub bringing live TV, shows, and financial education

Roadmap FAQ Buy on JulSwap Connect wallet Mail Telegram Twitter Medium Reddit Price: $0.00 / Market cap: $0.00. Audited by: #TFF; Disconnected. Connect wallet; BNB retirement fund 10 % of the revenue generated by our platform is given back to our members! As a participant in the staking pool, you are able to join the retirement fund for a minimum lock period of 2 weeks to receive BNB rewards. About Roadmap Team WhitePaper. About JulSwap DEX : JulSwap Staking presents you the option to stake your crypto tokens into JulSwap's Staking Contracts to receive live rewards for your deposited crypto when there are rewards available for our community. How is the ROI calculated for each Staking Pool? The rewards for each Staking Pool will be deposited by the project token team (JUL, OBR. Replying to @JulSwap @tradingview. don't miss out safemoon 2.0 is finally here 1.3k members before presale this will be BIG - 50% Liquidity BURN to ensure PROFITS Verified with 3 100k+ Influencers on Twitter Get the presale fast and become a part of it https: //.

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Nice project best future coin. 0 · June 2, 2021 Julswap is a platform that gives users access to an automated, decentralized exchange for BSC-20 tokens. The mission of the DEX is to lower the entry barrier into the DeFi ecosystem for the masses. What's more, with Julswap, anyone can start their own liquidity pools. This makes the platform genuinely decentralized and a hub for various DeFi. JULD token holders will soon be able to book over 3,000,000 travel products in 230+ countries, boosting JULD adoption Dubai, 12th of February 2021 -- Travala.com, the world's leading cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agency, and JULSwap, the high-performance and high-security blockchain platform, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate JULSwap's JULD token on the.

Our roadmap is simple: Automated, Decentralized, Scalable multi-chain technology. Everyone is welcome. Together, we are stronger. Keep it up, Unicrypt family! Unicrypt Team. Find the latest news and announcements from our main Unicrypt Team account. Actively engage and participate with the community in our different channels. Read our documentation and learn how to use our services. Dedicated. AFEN ANNOUNCES COLLABORATION WITH JULSWAP AS NEXT PHASE. AFEN continues to show commitment to its roadmap. In just a day after AFEN's official announcement revealing the company, the project. SOMEWHAT TO EXPECT THIS YEAR (RoadMAP) The Qnode Protocol is an evolving tech development, 10 Days launch Statistics Report on PancakeSwap The Qnode.Defi had being routed to pancakeswap, bakeryswap and julswap. Read more · 7 min read. Apr 24. The 8th Digest: Qnode.Defi Redeployment and Official Launch. Hi community, the 8th Digest is here and its the shortest of it after an unforeseen.

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Koda token is a trusted advanced cryptocurrency created and developed by Summit BC development team and will be the native token on SummitSwap, a platform for everyone. Liquidity Protected By. Buy on PancakeSwap Smartchain Pair. Buy on JulSwap BUSD Pairing Win a Lamborghini OUR ROADMAP. November 2020 Medic Impact Idea was conceived. Blue Print. Draft Business Plan. Power Point Presentation. December 2020 Landing Pages Design Begins . MEDIC IMPACT Company Formation. January 2021 Partnership meetings with different partners. Project Power Point Presentation to partners. Partnership Agreements. February 2021 Partnership deals continues. Project infrastructure re.

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Read writing from Rooster Finance on Medium. Rooster Finance is a decentralized gaming token based on Binance Smart Chain. Every day, Rooster Finance and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium Warden หรือ WAD กับการปล่อย Roadmap ที่สุดแสนจะทะเยอทะยาน ขณะนี้ Warden ได้เข้าร่วมกับ 10 Decentralized Exchanges ที่มีชื่อเสียงมาก 1. PancakeSwap 2. BakerySwap 3. JulSwap 4. Ellipsis 5. Value.. Julswap Review - The Ultimate Uniswap Alternative On Binance Smart Chain? May 22, 2021. How To Buy Bitcoin With Ghana Cedi (GHS) on Binance - Ultimate 2020 Guide. November 19, 2020. FTX MOVE Contracts - How Do They Work and How To Trade Them . October 12, 2020. How To Buy Bitcoin With Mobile Money In Uganda. November 17, 2020. ChangeNOW Exchange Review - Ultimate Beginners Guide. The core of Kiwigo's Token (KGO) vision is to simplify exchanges and provide economic opportunities to the unbanked in frontier markets. It not only serves as a currency across the app but will also hold a real-life benefit, and value, in the near future with our integrated PoS systems BSC Station (BSCS) aims to build a Full-Stack DEFI with NFT Auction on the Binance Smart Chain. It will become economy infrastructure for DeFi and NFT powered by Binance Smart Chain. The Infrastructure for DeFi & NFT Powered by BSC. BSCS operates on top of existing blockchains Binance Smart Chain that is designed to offer maximum value to.

We are currently a one stop shop for trading on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and Ontology. Solana, Polkadot and Ethereum Layer2 will come soon. We support the following Binance Smart Chain DEXes: Pancake,Julswap, Bakery, Streetswap, Unifi, Apeswap and DODO. We have also integrated Binance to offer users with better price and more choices roadmap indicates a complete range of necessary features for crypto personas. The NewsCrypto team has also developed a trading simulator as part of the online platform. This tool enables novice traders to see how trading works in practice and develop a strategy based on real-time market data, but without risking their funds. On the other hand, it also offers more experienced traders a way to. Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure , token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets Roadmap. Những mốc dự án đã thực hiện: Phát hành website và kênh truyền thông; Listing trên CoinGecko và CoinmarketCap; Ra mắt NFT Farming ; Được audit bởi Ether Authority; Kế hoạch sắp tới (chưa đặt rõ deadline): Đẩy mạnh marketing; Chạy chiến dịch donation; Niêm yết trên một số sàn lớn (chưa rõ sàn nào) Partners. Theo công.

congratulation.. community hope proposal vote commit for roadmap progress $jul $juld #julswap #BSC #DeFi #Governortoken https://t.co/4aBNFE4Ci JulSwap là một sàn giao dịch phi tập trung tương tự Uniswap hay SushiSwap trên Binance Smart Chain (BSC)Đây là một sản phẩm của Justliquidity, một giao thức thanh khoản tích hợp với Uniswap. Ngoài ra họ còn có Wallet, DEX và Bridge (BSC - Ethereum)

Tương tự như Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, Julswap, Roadmap? Dựa trên Roadmap thì hiện nay dự án đang đi đúng lộ trình , sắp tới sẽ ra mắt thêm nhiều tính năng mới như Yield Farming, Dex Aggregator, Analytics, Portfolio Tracker, Game, Binary Option, Limit Order, Margin Trading, Mobile Dapp, Payment Gateway, Cross- Chain Swap. Trong đó Limit Order trên s AFEN: This DeFi Platform Is Worth Your Attention. In recent weeks, AFEN has gained unprecedented traction on social media and cryptocurrency news platforms. Most of the buzz around the AFEN project was from but not limited to its swift public sale held on Julswap. The IDO sold out in less than a minute, much to the delight of AFEN's growing. Canis Major Roadmap Canis Major, Phase 1 of the Crypto.com, Chain Intergalactic Roadmap launches May 20th Source. Apple Calender Google Outlook 380 Votes 90.79. Added 19 Apr 2021. MesChain (MES) 20 May 2021 Buyback & Burn 218 Million MES tokens that we bought back from Cointiger and Foblgate Exchanges will be burned. Incineration date: 20.05.2021 Source. Apple Calender Google Outlook 866.


Lendefi is excited to announce we are giving away 20,000 LDFI tokens to lucky winners in our new prize pool. A total of 143 winners will be drawn and there are 2 chances for each token holder to win.. Our competition is taking place in conjunction with Lendefi's recent listing on the JulSwap platform.. Winners will be drawn by a random generation method with transparency given https://julswap.com/#/swap. Srinigoes. JulSwap Rooster Finance. 5,359 likes · 346 talking about this. Rooster Finance is a decentralized gaming token based on Binance Smart Chain. The main goal of Rooster Finance is to make a gaming app usable on.. It's time to know about XBN, it's stabilized to BNB's price by utilized the power of Binance Smart Chain's Smart Contract to adjust supply based on market condition Moola is a fair launched Binance Smart Chain Defi Bep20 Token, MLA starts with an initial supply of 750,000 MLA. NO ICO/IDO/IFO with 10,000 MLA is burnt from this supply every 6 months. MLA can be obtained from our LP Markets on PancakeSwap and BakerySwap on the Binance Smart Chain. Staking and Burning Dapps are on the Roadmap

AFEN là gì? Những điều cần biết về AFEN token và IDO sắp tới

Technology Roadmap, during May. Source. Apple Calender Google Outlook 128 Votes 97.66. Added 24 Mar 2021. Zilliqa (ZIL) 31 May 2021 Ask Us Anything 2-3pm SGT Get your Burning Questions answered! Source. Apple Calender Google Outlook 122 Votes 91.80. Added 20 May 2021. Orion Protocol (ORN) 31 May 2021 Liquidity Providers (multi-asset) Liquidity Providers (multi-asset), during May. Source. Crypto Exchange, Quidax Partners with Africa's First Government backed NFT Initiative. Lagos — May 3, 2021 — Africa's first government backed NFT initiative, AFEN on Friday announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange, Quidax. AFEN which aims to be a leading hub for African Blockchain stated the partnership is strategic and. Quidax (QDX) roadmap. Quidax, which officially launched its exchange in 2018, has completed the token sale amid continued growth. The platform currently serves over 400,000 customers spread across 70 countries and is targeting further expansion alongside the overall interest in assets in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The exchange thus has plans to expand its global reach by becoming the.

PancakeSwap Events, News & Roadmap: Hard Fork, Halving

Foliowatch (Fwatch) Token Tracker | BscScan. Foliowatch (Fwatch) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.0048, total supply 167,391,815.781617647058821437, number of holders 2,978 and updated information of the token On what could be tagged as the worst day of crypto this year, African-founded exchange, Quidax, raised over 7,772 BNB ($3 million) from the public sale of its token, QDX. The crypto market suffered its first major dip in 2021 on Thursday, May 19, with Bitcoin dropping as low as $30,000 from highs of $64,000. In spite of this, the public sale of QDX sold out in less than 48 hours


De koers van SparkPoint (SRK) voor vandaag is US$ 0,00367770 met een 24-uurs handelsvolume van US$ 665.149 .De koers is in de afgelopen 24 uur met -0.5% gedaald.Er zijn 8,1 miljard munten in omloop en er is een maximale voorraad van 13,8 miljard munten. Uniswap (v2) is momenteel de meest actieve markt die hierin handelt On your roadmap for q3, you intend to launch games and an education station, which will be a place where users can earn crypto for learning about finance, politics and crypto projects while also playing games. This plan also include a farming simulator village game which is currently under development by your team.. So how will users be able to earn while learning using this proposed model of.

CorionX: BSC Trading Launches on PancakeSwap - CorionX
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