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In diesem Video aus der Reihe Krypto Steuer Spezial mit Klaus Himmer von CryptoTax geht es um Staking, Masternodes und Masternode-Shares So I noticed, that ubuntu takes over a minute to boot, after some research I found out, it tried to load a nonexistent cryptswap-device. After disabling this in the /etc/crypttab everything worksit boots in 10.. When starting my computer I am presented with the error message The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present To remove crypt mapping use something like this: cryptsetup remove cryptswap1. If you used cryptsetup to create your encrypted swap, you can easily reverse the proces

└─cryptswap1 swap 16G [SWAP] xxx sdb crypto_LUKS 931.5G xxx └─sdb_crypt ext4 931.5G /media/secure-hdd-2 Barracuda 1TB xxx sdc 1.8T ├─sdc1 ext4.. [ OK ] * Starting remaining crypto disks... * cryptswap1 (starting).. * cryptswap1 (started)... [ OK ] INFO: Successfully setup encrypted swap! To ensure that swap is working properly we can do the.. Turn off swap. sudo swapoff /dev/mapper/cryptswap1. Undo the existing mapping. Set up swap again, but this time with your chosen passphrase. The command will prompt you, twice, for your.. So you were using Ubuntu with full home folder and swap sector encryption without any problem. But you have recently updated your Ubuntu, finished your work and then rebooted ..[1]: dev-mapper-cryptswap_qSCcI.swap: Job dev-mapper-cryptswap_qSCcI.swap/start failed with result 'dependency'. lip 07 20:21:01 vaio crypttab (currently commented): cryptswap_qSCcI UUID..

How to ask for a password to mount crypted swap at boot time on Linux Mint 16 with initramfs-tools? Some debug info. After opening the swap device with sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 cryptswa juju deploy apache2 juju deploy cryptswap juju set cryptswap size=100M juju add-relation apache2 cryptswap. path This is the full path name to your swap device After a minute or so, the graphical boot screen with that message is replaced with a console screen reading: ALERT! encrypted source device /swapfile does not exist, can't unlock cryptswap1 /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0. It seems like there a two problems, both with systemd : - it tries to mount sda7 as swap, even if it's not in the fstab, - it fails to mount my encrypted swap..

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Create the new swap file. sudo fallocate -l 2G /cryptswap. Confirm everything works as it should. Note that the old swap volume still exists, but is not mounted any more * cryptswap1 (started)... [ OK ]. INFO: Successfully setup encrypted swap! Changes are automatically applied to crypttab and fstab configuration files

Re: Passphrase for cryptswap. Found somewhere in the solution: Using in /etc/crypttab instead of the UUID the sdX-value of the partition did the job for me. I have after a reboot the swap running and..

What is cryptswap, is it necessary and how do I handle it? : linux4noob

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